Welcome to WhoShotChris Photography. I love to take large panoramic shots, it's hard to find views where the panoramic format works well, but that is half the challenge, I don't use in camera stitching and choose to stitch afterwards in post, that way you get a much larger and clearer overall photo. It's great when an image comes together weeks or months later when you haven't been able to look at in camera. Some of the panoramic photos here are over 30,000 pixels wide. If you'd like to hire me then please click contact.
My panoramic work can be bought as Prints, Canvases, Wall Art and lots more. They can be printed very large without up scaling due to their extremely high resolution, anywhere up to 4 metres can be achieved. My photos are also available to use in commercial or private works across many media genres. I'm also available for hire as a freelance photographer.
You can contact me on or use the form below, thanks. Chris